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  1. I have been a proud customer of Veleta’s Tranzformer Hair Studios for over 10 yrs. Veleta is professional, patient and listens to your needs even though you may be uncertain on what hair style you may want. Veleta believes in the new cutting edge techniques of today and future. If you want try something new and exciting then Veleta is the hair stylist for you. Veleta believes in the word tranzform and she wants to do that for all her customers. I personally enjoy being not only a customer but a friend to the best stylist on this side of the Mississippi. Veleta GOD has plans for you just keep walking. I love ya!

  2. How often have you sat in a stylist chair without any reservations what so ever? Each time I go to Veleta’s I know that I will be well taken care of and I never worry about my experience with her. My hair always looks great and the visit is always pleasant. She is a consummate professional.

  3. Veleta is indeed a stylist of EXCELLENCE. Over the past 12 years I have been a loyal customer and honestly have no intentions of ever leaving her chair ;-). Veleta is more than a just a exceptional stylist she takes personal pride in each of her customers haircare and maintains professionalism in the process. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful experiences I have ALWAYS had as a customer and I wish every woman could at least once have the TRANZFORMING experience of being in her chair.

  4. Veleta is more than a barber/stylist hence making Tranzformers Hair Studio the most fitting presentation for her brand. I have been a happy, faithful customer for almost 10 years and I have never left her chair unsatisfied. I appreciate the personal relationship we have been able to maintain as I have participated in many photo shoots and hair shows on her behalf which makes me trust her because she trusts me. Veleta specializes in total hair care with emphasis on healthy hair 1st. Any hair stylist can cut & style, or weave a client’s hair, but the client has to ask themselves “Is this hair stylist taking care of my hair in the process like I want/need?” If you (the client) can answer “Yes” to that question then you’ve found the perfect hair stylist. I can honestly say that I can. If that’s what you are looking for Tranzformers Hair Studio is the place for you.

  5. I believe that Veleta has a blessed gift. Her hands are magical as well as her heart. It’s said that she is one of the best in the area

  6. I have to give you your props..You are not just a beautician you are a Master of Hair , Male & Female..I like the way you not only tell you clients what’s best for their hair but you teach them what to use & how to use the right product when they can’t or won’t be able to get in to see you.You also know that everyone has different hair types & textures..You are a blessing to evryone who comes in contact with you as a friend & beautician..You will be blessed in your business because you are a blessing !!

  7. Veleta is a true stylist. She cares if your hair is healthy as well as looks like you should be on a runway. She had been my stylist since 2000. Unfortunately, I relocated 2 yrs ago, and have missed her services dearly. I could sit in her chair, and she’d make it happen. No questions asked. I have told her how much i missed her too!! Great beautician and friend!! May God continue to bless you.

  8. Veleta…I have to give you your props… You are AWESOME….It wasn’t until you started styling my hair, that I had actually found someone that could actually cut my hair into a layered style..You have been the only BLACK STYLIST that I have seen that can actually highlight, n color my hair, n it looks GOOD… I love the all natural styles, N, UPDOS ARE THE BOMB..THANKS FOR EVERYTHING..U R GREAT…CONTINUOUS BLESSINGS YOUR WAY!!!!..KEEP ON DOING YO THANG….

  9. Thank you Veleta for taking professional care of my hair for almost ten years! I always get a lot of compliments even from strangers. You’re more than just my hair stylist because we always lift one another spiritually 🙂 Keep up the good work and may there be another ten years to come. Love ya

  10. Veleta… Veleta… Veleta…

    I met Veleta almost two years ago and she is AWESOME! I don’t allow many people in my hair because I believe in the anointing of one’s hands. She absolutely has a gift and I’m grateful to have her as my stylist. She also cuts my son’s hair and he always leaves the chair smiling! I am truly proud of you and your many accomplishments to come! May God contiue to pour his Favor in your life!

  11. The only words to describe you & your business: God’s Anointed One. I enjoy coming to your salon; I receive a transformation from inward to outward. You are The Best…hands down. May God continue to bless you & your business.

  12. I have been knowing Veleta now for over 15 years and I can always say that each and every time I step out of her chair I am pleased. No one has ever been able to do my hair the way Veleta can do my hair and that says a lot about a beautician. She knows her stuff and aims to do her best each and every time and is determined to make sure her client is satisfied when leaving. I will always be a client and will recommend anyone I know who is looking for a good beautician to see Veleta. Thank you Veleta for always being not only a good beautician to me but a great friend as well and I look forward to many more years together! :o)

  13. V,
    I just wanted to let you know that I am proud and excited in regards to your next journey in opening your new hair studio. GOD has truly blessed and tested your faith. All things good await you because he our FATHER said so. Keep doing you!

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