MONTHLY SPECIALS (specials change periodically) 2018

   “PREPAID Package Deals”

3 Shampoo and styles PLUS deep conditioner and  trim……….. $155 (3 appts)

1 Relaxer, 2 shampoo and styles PLUS deep conditioner, trim…… $175 (3 appts)

4 Shampoo and styles PLUS conditioning treatment, trim,and 1 eyebrow arch…… $185(4 appts)

 1Relaxer, 1 Permanent Color 1 shampoo and style, deep conditioner and trim..$205(3appts)


1 Relaxer, 3 shampoo and styles PLUS deep conditioner, trim… $215 (4appts)

EXTENSION PACKAGES available. Inquire Within.




 ALL package DEALS are PRE-PAID and the appointments are PRE-MADE. DEPOSITS are required on  braids and extension services.

There will NOT be any refunds after you have scheduled and need to cancel. Appointments are only available
for the time allotted above.

5 thoughts on “MONTHLY SPECIALS (specials change periodically) 2018

  1. My hair has grown out & my husband wants me to have my hair fixed. I can no longer get a perm so can you give me some opinions & prices? Would you have a plan for that also? Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you!

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